Lodge Officers for 2016

  Worshipful Master - W. Bro. J. Kettyle
  Senior Warden - W. Bro. B. Stewart
  Junior Warden - W. Bro. C. Boyd
  Treasurer - W. Bro. M. Holden
  Secretary - W. Bro. G. Coulter
  Director of Ceremonies - W. Bro. H. Armour
  Steward of Charities - W. Bro. G. Taylor
  Almoner - W. Bro H. Armour
  Chaplain - W. Bro. T. Russell
  Senior Deacon - W. Bro. K. White
  Junior Deacon - W. Bro. I. McCallum
  Inner Guard - W. Bro. K. Armstrong
  Board of General Purposes - W. Bro. H. Armour

Representative to the Committee of Inspection

- W. Bro. J. Kettyle