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IRIS Masonic Lodge No 444 Summer Barbecue 2008

Earlier in the year the lodge agreed to hold a Barbecue at the Freemasons Hall Mealough, Carryduff with all proceeds in aid of the Grand Masters Festival. 

After all the good weather we had experienced in early June it was typical that the weather forecast for the weekend of our first ever Lodge BBQ was to be wet and windy and unlike the typical forecasts it was spot on.

Not to be put off by water falling out of the sky W. Bro Lutton, suitably attired in wet suit and assisted by W. Bros White and Kettyle arrived up at the hall early to start setting things up.

And not to be undone W. Bro. Holden arrives a little bit later to lend a hand


It didn’t take too long before the tables and chairs where set-up in the hall and a couple of gazebos erected outside, one to provide shelter for the BBQ’s and the other for the smokers.  

Initially it was the intention that everyone would cook their own food but because of the bad weather it was decided that this would not be a good idea and instead W. Bros Holden and White volunteered to do all the cooking.

This worked very well but as the night went on a few people got a bit impatient and like the old sayings: “You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time” and Too many cooks spoil the broth” come to mind!!!  Eventually everyone got fed and watered ready for the entertainment and a bit of crack.

Music was provided by the legendary George Russell and Norman Crumie who gave up their time freely and thoroughly entertained everyone with their repertoire of songs delivered in their own unique style.

It is worth mentioning that they were even accompanied by their own travelling groupies
 – is that W. Bro. Russell in the blue sweater?

Throughout the evening W. Bros. Jimmy Walker, Jimmy McKeown and Billy Watson made sure everyone was kept well lubricated J

Jimmy Walker even had time for a song or two – watch out X-Factor!

No evening would be complete without a ballot and this was no exception. Prizes ranging from the usual bottles of whiskey, wine etc to kitchen clocks where supplied by the brethren of the lodge.

After each winning ticket was pulled out there where the usual shouts of “fixed” followed by roars of laughter.

Heres a few more we pics of the evening-

The worshipful Master W. Bro. McCallum and W. Bro. Lutton got the ballot underway

W. Bro. McCallum’s mother-in-law claiming her prize

W. Bro. White’s daughter collecting her prize

The Worshipful Master with W.Bro Dalton
who cannot contain his emotions as he recoups the price of his ballot ticket

There’s that groupie again – and low and behold it is W. Bro Russell J

W. Bro Boyd – busy in the kitchen - not!!
and is that Jimmy McKeown in the background with more drink?

The Worshipful Master taking the chair with his usual flamboyant fashion

Members of W. Bro. White’s family having a laugh
 while W. Bro Armour in the stripe shirt is getting his orders!!

Some of the ladies having a wee jig!

Four dodgy boys outside clearing up the BBQ

Worshipful Master and family having a chuckle
Who is that behind them? – could it be W. Bro. McKeown with more drink - again!!